Monday, April 30, 2012

May & June Gigs

Hello ... how are you doing?
Getting warmer here in Tokyo (tho' I'm not exactly there today).

Spring has been pretty disruptive (can't think of a better word here, sorry) but am gradually getting used to the changes around me.

Dropping a few lines about my performances in May & June.  I'll be mostly doing gigs in bars and clubs, more cozy and casual compared to the "live houses" with cover songs.
For the past three months, I've been adding one new song every time I do a gig and hope to continue this trend.  Hoping some of them become your favorite.  Also posting some photos from my gigs in April.

May 3, (Thurs) @Roppongi Brave Bar 19:50
National holiday in Japan
krystalcube holiday collection
Originals + jazz covers

Enjoy the lovely holiday night with a bit of
jazz here and there at the casual and cozy regular
venue of krystalcube.

May 26, (Sat) @Roppongi Brave Bar 20:20

"Chinjyu Oasis" event hosted by singer song writer, Tomorrow
Literally, Chinjyu means "rare beast", supposed to be funny representing the vast spectrum of artists and music genre, ranging from Japanese idol gal to authentic music appearing in the event.  Wonder if I'm one of them too.

krystalcube romantic collection
Originals + romantic music (??)
Exciting Saturday night event by the Chinju family.

June 2, (Sat) @Shimokitazawa BREATH 20:30
K&N Practice Voice, Soul Voice Collection No.5
- keep the faith- 

Event's one year anniversary, hosted by singer song writer
and music instructor, Ken-ichiro Yoshioka's music circle.  
Venue is a specialized music bar of The Beatles music.

Lively Saturday evening event where krystalcube performs 
about 40 min with Caramel and special guest guitarist, kaz.  Originals, The Beatles covers and possibly some bossa nova music 
with summer approaching.

While everything in life may not be perfect, I'm grateful for the time I am given to do music and having the opportunity to share it with you.

blessings to u, krystalcube