Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Gigs

Time flies...and one month is already gone!
Hard to believe, but surely real.

As I continue to write more songs, I have the pleasure of doing more gigs. In Feb., I am scheduled to do three, all in different locations and venues. JFYI, schedule follows:

1. Feb. 11 (Sat.) @Yokohama, Yamashina, 7pm
Chinju Park Event (sponsored by Tomorrow, Another Kingdom label)
krystalcube performs from around 7:10 pm.

This evening is especially a good one to visit with spectacular guest jazz musicians.
Venue is a Japanese style casual bar, izakaya. Yen 2,500 + drinks

2. Feb. 15 (Wed)@Roppongi, Brave Bar, 9:30pm

One of krystalcube's regular venues, planning to do a post Valentine's collection
Cozy little bar in Roppongi dedicated to music! Yen 1,855 + drinks

3. Feb. 22 (Wed)@Shinjuku, Head Power, 8:30 pm
Second time to perform at this venue; part of live recording series, this time for a FM radio show to be on air in April. Great acoustics and live ambience. Yen 2,500 + drinks

If you are in the vicinity, please drop by!
If not, you can always listen to some of krystalcube's songs here.

Songs can be purchased at www.cdbaby.com, amazon.com or on iTunes...

blessings to u, krystalcube

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January : Gigs & Freedom Uploaded

It is pretty cold in Tokyo - snowed the day before yesterday.
I've done two gigs so far this year, one in Akasaka and another in Roppongi.

The next relatively larger one will be in Shinjuku this Friday, Jan. 27 from 9pm
at Head Power (live club since 1968). I will be concentrating purely on my
original songs with my guitar, (not guitarist) Caramel.

Also, I've uploaded one of my popular songs based on audience feedback,
"Freedom" on the following website.

Please click here or go to http://www.radioindy.com/krystalcube//audio.php.

The full song can be streamed for FREE! It's an atypical song for
krystalcube, more inclined toward rock pop.

When we're so confined in organizations and our little worlds, we forget the
freedom that we have within ourselves. The song is just a reminder of it so you can live your life.

Please enjoy!

blessings to u, krystalcube

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Are you ready?
So here we are at 2012!

Wishing each and every one of you
a happy, prosperous and peaceful year.

krystalcube, together with Caramel,
would like to continue to create and deliver original music to make
you happier.

blessings to u, krystalcube