Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello December

Well, well only a few more weeks to 2010!
This year was a hectic one for me.
Foremost, I am grateful that I was able to meet with each and everyone of you through music.
New friends, reconnecting with friends and much more.

For the rest of Dec., I will be doing a few more gigs in Tokyo.

Dec. 9 : Sala Company: going to one of my favorite artist's performance; they've kindly requested me to sing there as well!

Dec. 24: "Blue Christmas": krystalcube to sing in Akasaka LiveCafe SaLa consisting of originals and cover songs with Caramel (her guitar) ; special feature is that this gig only accepts "sad" songs, heartbreaking, lonely songs....hence, "blue christmas"

Dec. 29: More originals to be sung in Roppongi Brave Bar; probably my last gig for 2009. Must be a memorable and a special one.

It would be great if I can do more gigs in 2010, and possibly a few in CA, NY or elsewhere!

Cheers, krystalcube

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Now Featured in radioindy.com

Please also visit www.radioindy.com -
krystalcube is featured for the next three months;
you can stream some of my songs from the album
"Opening" - the album title song "Opening".

My favorite is the Banana Bread song...
kind of makes you feel back home.

cheers, krystalcube

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Opening" CD released on cdbaby.com

Pleased to announce that my first CD mini album, "Opening" is now available for sale on http://www.cdbaby.com

Uplifting and soothing pops, 5 songs + 3 instrumentals.

Please visit following url for preview/purchases/downloads:

or featured in:

Hope you enjoy my music.... angel blessings, krystalcube

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Live - a lot of fun!

Really enjoyed having wonderful guests at the Halloween Live.

I dressed as a "fairy witch" (see left). Not exactly sure what
a fairy witch is but the costume was labeled that way.
Sang a few original songs and two cover songs.
Now preparing more songs to sing in Christmas as well as writing lyrics for other music associates... :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time Passes Quickly ! Halloween Live

Hi there!

Apologies - I have not updated this blog for so many days. I cannot believe that I really did this. I am starting to prepare for my Halloween Live on Oct. 31. It will be at a cozy cafe, SaLa, in Akasaka (Tokyo). I'll be singing from 7:30pm. www.livecafe-sala.com

Please drop by if you have time. Since it's Halloween, I'll be dressing up as a fairy witch, singing a pumpkin song as well as several of my original songs. Looking to make this performance a little special.

Otherwise, work is hectic.... how is your life these days?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alas...finally all songs COMPLETED

Happy to inform you that all songs have been recorded ...yes, quite well.
The artwork for the CD jacket is now in its final drafting stages...and
they go out for printing and pressing in the next few days.

The CD album's title is "Opening" to be available on sale
primarily online as well as some physical distribution.
Exact sales date is still to be confirmed.

With the world's financial crisis since 2008, I have always come to think
that we are more intertwined than we think. We really need to learn how to
collaborate more, where possible, to make this world a more accomodating
place. Global warming, economic crisis, we are not alone anymore and we
can't be in our own silos....hence... "opening".

Album's concept is uplifting and healing with an underlying theme of love.
Can't wait to let you know it's available for preview....

Meanwhile thinking of increasing performances.... singing performances.
Planning a HALLOWEEN LIVE on Oct. 31, Sat.
Ciao, krystalcube

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oops...trying again

Well, well, well...thought the last song went ok but when I heard it
something was different...it just didn't sound right, so here I go again
recording it again... this Saturday...wish me luck so I can get it
right this time :)

Meanwhile, I got myself "live" on Facebook and reconnected with my
dearest childhood friends as well as my former colleagues from work.
Amazing technology.... wanting to "Connect to You"

love & light to you all, krystalcube

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recording Completed!

Hi there!
Pleased to advise that I've completed recording the last song
for the upcoming CD this afternoon. Not in my best condition
but the recording went ok.

It's called "Connecting to You"... a mellow awareness love
song inspired from a fellow artist's song in Japanese, Saya's
"Chikazukitaiyo". I really loved her song and was always singing it.
Then one day, I was singing it in English. Somehow, English lyrics
were automatically there... it sounded quite cool that I decided to do
a cover. It is a beautiful song with an exquisite piano accompaniment
accentuated with acoustic guitar - undoubtedly one of my favorites.

Can't wait to hear it huh??

Love & Light to you all, krystalcube

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Opening" the blog

Hello...this is krystalcube, lover of music.

Primarily in pops with some flavor of R&B, rock and healing music. How does that all fit in? Gooood..question. Like the six dimensions of a cube, somehow they fit in quite nicely...

I'm working on my first mini CD album titled "Opening".
Prior to completion, I've decided to "open" this blog too.

As a primer, please visit the following website and you'll be able to download my song for free.
If you like the song, please feel freeto forward to your friends and families.


You'll see my picture and just scroll down until you see the letters DOWNLOAD
to your left. Doubleclick and there you go. Right click and it can be downloaded
to your ipod quite easily in a mp3 file.

Any feedback would be heartily welcomed!