Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring is almost here ... more gigs!

Here in Tokyo, temperatures are gradually rising and we're beginning to feel that spring is near.  Early species of cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.  krystalcube tends to like warmer weather and here I go... with more gigs as things start to settle around.

In between the last time I made a posting, I've done three gigs, one in Roppongi and two in Ginza.
The Ginza venues were new to me, TACT (very classy live music club since 1958) and another more casual and smaller, Miiya Cafe.  The audience were spectacular and I had a great time.

As we have come into March, the following gigs are scheduled:

Mar. 14 (Thurs) @ Roppongi Brave Bar, 8:50pm
   "krystalcube - favorite tunes" with breath of Spring

Mar. 24 (Sun) @ Roppongi Brave Bar, 2:30 pm
    "If you're down - let's get that Samba going"
        Lunch Event

Mar. 24 (Sun)@ Akihabara DRESS AKIBA HALL, 7:20 pm
   JCV Charity Festa Event 2013
This is a charity event to raise funds to support NPOs providing vaccines for children in Asia.  A very worthy cause - please participate. 
Event begins from 6:00 pm.  The venue is only 20 seconds away from Akihabara station.
All ticket revenues (excluding venue rent fee and printing flyers) will be contributed to this cause. krystalcube will perform with Caramel.

Apr. 14 (Sun). @ Shimokitazawa BREATH, evening
   krystalcube's "spring is here"

Apr. 16 (Tues).@ Ginza TACT, evening
   Adult's contemporary music Vol. 2
Some jazzy music in a classy venue at Ginza

Hope to see you there soon!  Til then please take care.

Blessings to u, krystalcube