Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring is here!

So the main cherry blossom season is over in Tokyo and spring is really here.
Today is the new moon and hoping that peace will prevail in a neighbouring country.
More updates on my gigs for April follow!  krystalcube will be in full swing.

Apr. 14 (Sun) @ Shimokitazawa BREATH 6:20 pm
Refreshing and spacious Beatles Bar in Shimokitazawa
  4 stops from Shibuya via Inokashira line

*Originals, The Beatles cover and something jazzy too.

Apr. 17 (Wed) @ Ginza TACT 8:20 pm
Classy live hall with great acoustics in heart of Ginza with wonderful musicians

*Adult Music Day
Originals and jazz covers with acoustic guitarist KAZU Saito

Apr. 25 (Thur) @ Akasaka SaLa 8:45 pm
Live cafe with good energy in heart of Akasaka 

*Originals and Japanese pops covers for Spring and more

Apr. 30 (Tues) @ Roppongi Brave Bar 9:30 pm
Cozy live bar with good music and delicious food

*krystalcube's regular venue: 
Originals and covers for Spring

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

blessings to u, krystalcube