Friday, March 7, 2014

February flew away and into March now!

Hope all is well with you - krystalcube is doing pretty well.

Continuous apologies for not updating this blog.  While this blog is more comprehensive, please also be reminded that quick summaries are provided in the Japanese blog in English these days for convenience.  

Final touches have been made to the mixes of my songs and mastering has been completed by end of now to the printer and presser goes my second CD!  Should be available by March end!  So exciting.  The album title is "krystalcube's world"

Meanwhile, I have done more than six gigs, from January to February.  One has been a relatively large one and scenes of this gig on Jan. 27 at Ginza's TACT may be viewed on USTREAM.  This gig was part of a 3 day special event known as "Otona Music 3 Days Special" (= Adult's Music Event) organized by MKD llc.  I'm not sure how long it will be posted but please enjoy while it's there.
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krystalcube's section starts from around 14 min and 20 sec.
Jan 27, 2014 gig at Ginza TACT with KAZU Saito
(Set List for Jan 27)
*unconditional Love
Fly Me to the Moon
*Snowflakes in April
*Connecting to You
(asterisks are original songs)
At MominokiHouse, Feb. 15, 2014
Mominoki House in Harajuku is Japan's legendary organic food restaurant.  In its almost 40 year history, they have had celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder come to dine and ended up doing some music, as you can imagine.  krystalcube has performed here a number of times now and like the food as well as the ambiance.
With all performers

Picture to the right shows all the performers that evening.  Great saxophone players Ryota Nomura and Motoyasu Kanai, singer song writer Tomorrow, Japanese cute idol Otoha and guitarist kaz.  There was heavy snow, a rare event in Tokyo, the evening before on Valentine's Day.  Still very cold evening but fun and warm in the restaurant. 

March will be a special month for me as I've organized an event for the first time for Japan's White Day.  The Japanese have the tradition where the boys have a chance to appreciate the girls for what they've received in Valentine's.  Oops, also need to explain that in Japan, the girls give chocolates and express their love to boys on Valentine's Day.  Not sure how this happened but so it is.  White Day is in return.  So, krystalcube and her friend, Ai Kato who has established her healing business, Leaves of Love, are presenting a romantic and heart warming event on Mar. 14, 2014 designated as "White Day Special Live".  Will write more about this on my next post in a few days.

Also, on Apr. 15, krystalcube will be doing a CD release gig, "krystalcube's CD release and musicians' collaboration".  krystalcube would like to do her new songs from her 2nd album, "krystalcube's world".  Her producer and his handpicked musicians will be playing and krystalcube will be singing with a band for the first time.  How exciting as she likes to go acoustic most of the time.

Lots of things to look forward so please stay tuned.

blessings to u, krystalcube