Monday, June 18, 2012

June - July More Gigs

Getting humid and sticky....yes, this is Asia:
rainy season in Tokyo has begun

I was in Fukuoka (western part of Japan) yesterday and today and the typhoon has been following me since.

So, since my last posting, I've done one more little gig on June 12 at Roppongi's Brave Bar - thank you for coming that night despite rainy weather...lot's of  pleasant surprises.

Updating a few photos from my June 2 gig:

Opening with "Fly Me to the Moon",  probably singing the two most popular The Beatles cover in Japan,"Let It Be" and "Yesterday" with guest guitarist, kaz

and originals including, 

unconditional Love
Connecting to You
keep the faith (new song)  sounds like Bon Jovi, huh? 

Well the event's subtitle was "keep the faith" so I was compelled to write a new song!

Did a little bossa nova with "The Shadow of Your Smile"...
see the little green object in my hand, yes, it's a small shaker.

Coming up next are:

June 30, 2012 (Sat) @ Roppongi Brave Bar 3:30 pm
Chinjyu All Night Event - over 30 artists selected by venue owner, Mr. Kamigaki

krystalcube to perform with Caramel;
song selection .... mmm. thinking now to make it a special one

July 7, 2012 (Sat) @ Shibuya CLUB HAZARD (time:  TBA)
Event name:  Give and Take
More details to follow

krystalcube to perform more vibrant numbers to make it "clubby"
and rhythmical for your complete enjoyment

July 11, 2012 (Wed) @ Roppongi Brave Bar 8:50 pm
krystalcube's regular venue
summer evening collection

More updates to follow over the next few weeks :) 
I continue to write songs for each event or gig so please look forward
to the variety and depth(?) of my music

Blessings to u, krystalcube