Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October : Halloween * time flies!

Can you believe it's already past mid October ?

Yesterday was the new moon, a powerful one I hear in fact.

The IMF/World Bank conferences are over in Tokyo and security has been relaxed.  The world has significantly changed since the financial crisis in 2008...don't you think?  All looking for financially healthier economies (yes, where I live public debt levels are over 250% of GDP!!! but is still the 3rd largest economy in the world having troubles with neighbors on a couple of islands...), trying to ease monetary policies and somehow stimulate the economy.  We all need to raise our spirits higher, in other words!

So much for recollection and random streams of consciousness...

I've already done one gig on October 9th in Roppongi at my regular venue.  I'll be doing another event in Shimokitazawa, a town slightly west of Shibuya, where many bands perform.

It's another event organized by Tomorrow, a seasoned singer song writer.  I'll be joined by guest guitarist kaz to perform originals, a few jazzy numbers and more.

October 27, 2012 (Sat) starts 5:40 pm
@Shimokitazawa VOICE FACTORY
Another Kingdom Event
See you there!
Please also visit Japanese blog:   http://ameblo.jp/krystalq

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Live: unconditional Love

Hello - how are things with you?
Yes, autumnal equinox; it gets dark by 7pm in Tokyo these days but temperatures are still hot and humid during the day time

It's been a while since my last posting...
By way of an apology, I am posting a restricted link.  It features one of my original songs, "unconditional Love" from my most recent gig in Shibuya, Take Off 7.  The video starts off from a quick introduction to the blog, sorry in Japanese.  You'll see what I look "off stage" with one hour of sleep...yes, not the most spectacular view but kind of "human", you know.. This song is one of my favorites and first piece to sing to the public, please click the link below and ENJOY!

"unconditional Love"  **PLEASE CLICK LINK BELOW**


Blessings to u, krystalcube

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hello from hot and humid Tokyo!

How are things coming along with you?

Many of you told me that you have trouble finding me on YouTube - perhaps because I have very few postings...so I've decided to share the link below.  Please paste the link in your browser or simply click here
This is an excerpt from one of my gigs broadcasted on a local TV music show in June.


Cheers, krystalcube

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer, summer !

This is midsummer in Tokyo - hot, humid and ....?
The London Olympics keeps us all awake at night and we're a bit sleepy in this part of the world.
July 2, 2012@Shibuya TAKE OFF 7 

Apologies - I haven't updated for so long... well I've done 5 gigs, small and
medium in July and just finished the first one in August last night.

I've recently collaborated with two wonderful artists:

*July 19 @Roppongi Brave Bar with SkyJay
Sky Jay and krystalcube did two cover songs, "You are Lady, I'm a Man" (J Pop) and "Endless Love"  accompanied by Sky Jay's piano.

SkyJay is a multi talented musician, also acts, produces music and film.  Also a great DJ.  I'm not quite sure how he manages to do all of this but he surely has a wonderful voice.

*Aug 5 @ Roppongi Brave Bar with Oboro
Oboro and krystalcube did two songs together, "Part of Your World" from Disney's film "The Little Mermaid" and Cyndi Lauper's "Time after Time".  The audience especially loved the musical touch we both did - Oboro is an actress with great singing skills - no wonder!

For the rest of summer, I plan to focus on music production and summer classical concerts.  By fall, I should have a brand new set of songs to present.

krystalcube loves all genre of music - thinking of writing different styles... let me know which one you like when I finish!

Scheduled Gigs

Sep. 10 (Mon) 8:30pm @ Shibuya TAKE OFF 7
krystalcube essence
Delivering the "best" of krystalcube along with new songs

Sep. 27 (Thurs) 8:50pm @ Roppongi Brave Bar
krystalcube in autumn
Originals + chanson + something jazzy... exciting!

Oct. 27 (Sat) 5:40pm @ Shimokitazawa VOICE FACTORY
Another Kingdom event
Planning to do an exquisite selection of originals and covers

Enjoy your summer and blessings to you.

love u all, krystalcube

Monday, June 18, 2012

June - July More Gigs

Getting humid and sticky....yes, this is Asia:
rainy season in Tokyo has begun

I was in Fukuoka (western part of Japan) yesterday and today and the typhoon has been following me since.

So, since my last posting, I've done one more little gig on June 12 at Roppongi's Brave Bar - thank you for coming that night despite rainy weather...lot's of  pleasant surprises.

Updating a few photos from my June 2 gig:

Opening with "Fly Me to the Moon",  probably singing the two most popular The Beatles cover in Japan,"Let It Be" and "Yesterday" with guest guitarist, kaz

and originals including, 

unconditional Love
Connecting to You
keep the faith (new song)  sounds like Bon Jovi, huh? 

Well the event's subtitle was "keep the faith" so I was compelled to write a new song!

Did a little bossa nova with "The Shadow of Your Smile"...
see the little green object in my hand, yes, it's a small shaker.

Coming up next are:

June 30, 2012 (Sat) @ Roppongi Brave Bar 3:30 pm
Chinjyu All Night Event - over 30 artists selected by venue owner, Mr. Kamigaki

krystalcube to perform with Caramel;
song selection .... mmm. thinking now to make it a special one

July 7, 2012 (Sat) @ Shibuya CLUB HAZARD (time:  TBA)
Event name:  Give and Take
More details to follow

krystalcube to perform more vibrant numbers to make it "clubby"
and rhythmical for your complete enjoyment

July 11, 2012 (Wed) @ Roppongi Brave Bar 8:50 pm
krystalcube's regular venue
summer evening collection

More updates to follow over the next few weeks :) 
I continue to write songs for each event or gig so please look forward
to the variety and depth(?) of my music

Blessings to u, krystalcube

Monday, April 30, 2012

May & June Gigs

Hello ... how are you doing?
Getting warmer here in Tokyo (tho' I'm not exactly there today).

Spring has been pretty disruptive (can't think of a better word here, sorry) but am gradually getting used to the changes around me.

Dropping a few lines about my performances in May & June.  I'll be mostly doing gigs in bars and clubs, more cozy and casual compared to the "live houses" with cover songs.
For the past three months, I've been adding one new song every time I do a gig and hope to continue this trend.  Hoping some of them become your favorite.  Also posting some photos from my gigs in April.

May 3, (Thurs) @Roppongi Brave Bar 19:50
National holiday in Japan
krystalcube holiday collection
Originals + jazz covers

Enjoy the lovely holiday night with a bit of
jazz here and there at the casual and cozy regular
venue of krystalcube.

May 26, (Sat) @Roppongi Brave Bar 20:20

"Chinjyu Oasis" event hosted by singer song writer, Tomorrow
Literally, Chinjyu means "rare beast", supposed to be funny representing the vast spectrum of artists and music genre, ranging from Japanese idol gal to authentic music appearing in the event.  Wonder if I'm one of them too.

krystalcube romantic collection
Originals + romantic music (??)
Exciting Saturday night event by the Chinju family.

June 2, (Sat) @Shimokitazawa BREATH 20:30
K&N Practice Voice, Soul Voice Collection No.5
- keep the faith- 

Event's one year anniversary, hosted by singer song writer
and music instructor, Ken-ichiro Yoshioka's music circle.  
Venue is a specialized music bar of The Beatles music.

Lively Saturday evening event where krystalcube performs 
about 40 min with Caramel and special guest guitarist, kaz.  Originals, The Beatles covers and possibly some bossa nova music 
with summer approaching.

While everything in life may not be perfect, I'm grateful for the time I am given to do music and having the opportunity to share it with you.

blessings to u, krystalcube

Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Gigs

Time passes so quickly... cherry blossoms have finally started to bloom in Tokyo yesterday, about 5 days late than an average year.

Today, I've written a song called "Snowflakes in April"... strange title perhaps but in the North it happens, I hear. Perhaps, I may do this in my later gigs in April.

Spring is almost here...and gigs scheduled for April are:

April 3 (Tues) 19:10 @ Roppongi Brave Bar
One of krystalcube's regular and favorite venue.
Planning to do krystalcube's spring collection,
consisting of covers and originals.

April 23 (Mon) 17:30 @ Shibuya TAKEOFF 7
krystalcube collection 4: rebirth
Great acoustics live club in the heart of Shibuya.
This gig will be filmed for a June TV broadcast
so starting a bit early than usual. Original songs
scheduled to be performed.

And for some fun, sharing some photos from my

gigs in March... the one in the center bottom is from Mar 18, with funky acoustic guitarist KAZU Saito. In krystalcube's arm is "Kametaro", the turtle stuffed animal that the audience likes. To the very right, krystalcube performs at Shinjuku's Head Power singing "Freedom" on Mar 19. At the very top of the post, krystalcube singing with Caramel, her guitar.

love u all, krystalcube

Friday, February 24, 2012

March Gigs

My next gigs will be in March...
meanwhile I have some other musical commitments.
Allow me to give you a flavor of what's going on in March.
Lots of collaboration and new initiatives.

Mar. 10 (Sat) @Akasaka CrawfishStart: 18:00 krystalcube: 20:00
nice cozy live bar in heart of Akasaka
K&N Practice Voice Soul Collection No. 4
organized by Keni-ichiro Yoshioka, singer song writer
*krystalcube will be joined by guest guitarist, KOUNO
*extended stage for 40 minutes *originals, jazz standards and more!
Tickets: Yen 2,000 + drinks

Mar. 18 (Sun.) @Shimokitazawa VOICE FACTORY
Start: 15:30 krystalcube 18:40
good acoustics LIVE HOUSE
Another Kingdom Label Event: Spring Sunday Song Festival
organized by Tomorrow, singer song writer
*krystalcube to collaborate with funky guitarist, KAZU Saito
*30 minutes stage
*originals, US & Japanese pops!
Tickets: Yen 2,300 + drinks

Mar. 19 (Mon.) @Shinjuku HEAD POWER 20:30
krystalcube collection No. 3Part of TV Show Filming Series
*all originals, new songs
*excellent acoustics and ambience
http: //headpower.syncl.jp
Tickets: Yen 2,500 + drink (Yen 500)

Mar. 27 (Tues) @Roppongi Brave Bar 21:30
krystalcube evening collection
*cozy and comfortable music bar in Roppongi
Charge: Yen 1,855 + drinks

Hope to see you somewhere!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Gigs

Time flies...and one month is already gone!
Hard to believe, but surely real.

As I continue to write more songs, I have the pleasure of doing more gigs. In Feb., I am scheduled to do three, all in different locations and venues. JFYI, schedule follows:

1. Feb. 11 (Sat.) @Yokohama, Yamashina, 7pm
Chinju Park Event (sponsored by Tomorrow, Another Kingdom label)
krystalcube performs from around 7:10 pm.

This evening is especially a good one to visit with spectacular guest jazz musicians.
Venue is a Japanese style casual bar, izakaya. Yen 2,500 + drinks

2. Feb. 15 (Wed)@Roppongi, Brave Bar, 9:30pm

One of krystalcube's regular venues, planning to do a post Valentine's collection
Cozy little bar in Roppongi dedicated to music! Yen 1,855 + drinks

3. Feb. 22 (Wed)@Shinjuku, Head Power, 8:30 pm
Second time to perform at this venue; part of live recording series, this time for a FM radio show to be on air in April. Great acoustics and live ambience. Yen 2,500 + drinks

If you are in the vicinity, please drop by!
If not, you can always listen to some of krystalcube's songs here.

Songs can be purchased at www.cdbaby.com, amazon.com or on iTunes...

blessings to u, krystalcube

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January : Gigs & Freedom Uploaded

It is pretty cold in Tokyo - snowed the day before yesterday.
I've done two gigs so far this year, one in Akasaka and another in Roppongi.

The next relatively larger one will be in Shinjuku this Friday, Jan. 27 from 9pm
at Head Power (live club since 1968). I will be concentrating purely on my
original songs with my guitar, (not guitarist) Caramel.

Also, I've uploaded one of my popular songs based on audience feedback,
"Freedom" on the following website.

Please click here or go to http://www.radioindy.com/krystalcube//audio.php.

The full song can be streamed for FREE! It's an atypical song for
krystalcube, more inclined toward rock pop.

When we're so confined in organizations and our little worlds, we forget the
freedom that we have within ourselves. The song is just a reminder of it so you can live your life.

Please enjoy!

blessings to u, krystalcube

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Are you ready?
So here we are at 2012!

Wishing each and every one of you
a happy, prosperous and peaceful year.

krystalcube, together with Caramel,
would like to continue to create and deliver original music to make
you happier.

blessings to u, krystalcube