Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!
I hope this posting finds you well.

Apologies - I have been so bad at updating since last October end... can you believe that?
Since then I've probably done more than 5 or 6 gigs and ended my year at Roppongi's Brave Bar.

Last year was a very challenging one for me.
Never in my life have I done something that I never dreamed of doing...I still feel "out of place" but we shall see how things unfold.   Keeping oneself motivated about something one's totally uninterested in is certainly not easy.  Plus the cold weather and little sunshine don't help either.

Stay positive and it will come!

Today was my first gig at Harajuku's famous organic food restaurant, macrobiotics  MOMINOKIHOUSE.  Check it out in Lonely Planet or Google it.  World renowned musicians such as Stevie Wonder, John Lennon and Paul McCartney have been here as well.  Great atmosphere and good food!

I was fortunate to participate in singer song writer Tomorrow's event at this venue.

*something new
*unconditional Love
mantra for protection
One Day in Your Life
*believin' yourself
*marked are originals

Group photo of all performers

We had a very good audience, attentive and forthcoming.  Guests from Norway were there too!
What a wonderful event the first gig of 2013 turned out to be.

The next one will be held at Roppongi's Brave Bar on Jan. 22 (Tues) 8:10pm.

Thank you all and blessings to you, krystalcube