Thursday, November 21, 2013

Four More Gigs Left in 2013!

Time really flies! Today's Nov. 22nd..where I am and there are only four more scheduled gigs remaining for the rest of the year.

Everyone's busy during the holiday season but if you'd like some fun as well as relaxation, please visit krystalcube's gigs.

Nov. 29 (Fri)@ Roppongi Brave Bar 7:30 pm
Another Kingdom event:  Chinjyu Oasis
Chinjyu means "rare animal"  translated to "one of a kind" ...
krystalcube usually goes out of the ordinary and presents something a little special for the "rare animal" event.  Enjoy!
Please note that performance time is now 7:30 pm.

Nov. 30 (Sat)@Sengawa Putir Studio 7:40 pm
Venue is a studio operated by acoustic guitarist, KAZU Saito, with whom krystalcube collaborates quite often.  A cozy studio with good acoustics.  Will be performing for about 45 minutes so will do a wider selection of originals and covers, collaborating with KAZU again. Satisfaction guaranteed!
*Sengawa is along the Keio Line (can catch from Shinjuku)

Dec. 6 (Fri)@Akihabara MARZ DRESS HALL 7:00 pm
krystalcube performs at this venue once every 2 to 3 months; only 20 seconds from JR Akihabara Station (heart of Japan's electronic center) with excellent acoustics.  You will experience krystalcube, pure and simple, and will return home somewhat "healed" in your very special way. 

Dec. 17 (Tues)@Shimokitazawa BREATH probably around 9pm
Final scheduled gig for the year collaborating with guitarist kaz Yakushiji. Haven't had a chance to collaborate with kaz so much this year so nice to end the year with original, 80's pops and some Beatles covers with a dash of Christmas!
Cannot miss!

Otherwise, busy trying to finish the next album...

Tokyo is getting colder; foliage wonderful and krystalcube wondering whether or not to switch on the heater right now.

Do take care and enjoy the rest of the year!

blesssings to u, krystalcube

Sunday, November 3, 2013

More gigs and Music

Yes, yes... already November and only two more months left of 2013.
Time flies.
Hope this posting finds you well and all prepared for the coming holiday season.

In Tokyo, we're finally feeling autumn.  Leaves changing color, temperatures dropping and air drier.  krystalcube continues to do more gigs probably 5 or 6 for the remainder of the year.  Details will be presented below.

Lately, I have been more immersed into music production of my next album.  Home recording of different instruments is quite challenging with limited gears but am trying. 

Scheduled gigs:

Nov 7. (Thurs) @Ginza TACT 8:20 pm
   with acoustic guitarist KAZU Saito.
  Adult Music Networking Event
Nov. 29 (Fri)@Roppongi Brave Bar 9:30 pm
Chinjyu Oasis presented by Another Kingdom
  krystalcube's seasons' selection

Nov. 30 (Sat)@Sengawa Putir Studio 7:40 pm
 Acoustic Soul Night Vol 20 at Kazu Saito's studio

Dec. 17 (Fri)@Shimokitazawa BREATH

Hope to see you at one of the gigs.  Will update before Christmas to tell you what's on my mind.

blessings to u, krystalcube 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer 2013

Hot, muggy and stormy summer here in Tokyo 2013!

Deepest apologies!
It has been quite a while since my last posting.
I've been preoccupied with some family matters while managing to do several gigs in May, June and July at new venues as well as collaborating with other musicians.
As a sign of apology, allow me to share you the following links:
A very thoughtful client at my regular venue, Roppongi's Brave Bar has
been very kind to record a few of my selections during my little gig on June 11, 2013.

"What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" (cover, Michel Legrand) 

"Unleashed" - NEW SONG! , krystalcube original

krystalcube in Shibuya
Ever since June, I've started writing new songs for my next album.  This time, I'm collaborating with a seasoned Japanese musician and producer so you'll see more magics done to my songs.  Who? I'm going to save that news for later.

I'll spend most of August pursuing my other music activities (playing for quartets and smaller orchestras) and composing more songs.  I'm planning to do a gig on Aug 30 at Roppongi Brave Bar in the evening.  Please come enjoy great music and camaraderie with us.

More performances in autumn:

Sep 21 (Sat) @ Shimokitazawa BREATH 9:10 pm
Acoustic Live - The Singers Vol. 6

Sep 30 (Mon)@Ginza TACT
with KAZU Saito, acoustic guitarist

Oct 12 (Sat)@Harajuku MOMINOKI HOUSE

Meanwhile, please have a spectacular summer (winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere) and blessings to you.

See you soon.

love, krystalcube

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring is here!

So the main cherry blossom season is over in Tokyo and spring is really here.
Today is the new moon and hoping that peace will prevail in a neighbouring country.
More updates on my gigs for April follow!  krystalcube will be in full swing.

Apr. 14 (Sun) @ Shimokitazawa BREATH 6:20 pm
Refreshing and spacious Beatles Bar in Shimokitazawa
  4 stops from Shibuya via Inokashira line

*Originals, The Beatles cover and something jazzy too.

Apr. 17 (Wed) @ Ginza TACT 8:20 pm
Classy live hall with great acoustics in heart of Ginza with wonderful musicians

*Adult Music Day
Originals and jazz covers with acoustic guitarist KAZU Saito

Apr. 25 (Thur) @ Akasaka SaLa 8:45 pm
Live cafe with good energy in heart of Akasaka 

*Originals and Japanese pops covers for Spring and more

Apr. 30 (Tues) @ Roppongi Brave Bar 9:30 pm
Cozy live bar with good music and delicious food

*krystalcube's regular venue: 
Originals and covers for Spring

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

blessings to u, krystalcube

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring is almost here ... more gigs!

Here in Tokyo, temperatures are gradually rising and we're beginning to feel that spring is near.  Early species of cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.  krystalcube tends to like warmer weather and here I go... with more gigs as things start to settle around.

In between the last time I made a posting, I've done three gigs, one in Roppongi and two in Ginza.
The Ginza venues were new to me, TACT (very classy live music club since 1958) and another more casual and smaller, Miiya Cafe.  The audience were spectacular and I had a great time.

As we have come into March, the following gigs are scheduled:

Mar. 14 (Thurs) @ Roppongi Brave Bar, 8:50pm
   "krystalcube - favorite tunes" with breath of Spring

Mar. 24 (Sun) @ Roppongi Brave Bar, 2:30 pm
    "If you're down - let's get that Samba going"
        Lunch Event

Mar. 24 (Sun)@ Akihabara DRESS AKIBA HALL, 7:20 pm
   JCV Charity Festa Event 2013
This is a charity event to raise funds to support NPOs providing vaccines for children in Asia.  A very worthy cause - please participate. 
Event begins from 6:00 pm.  The venue is only 20 seconds away from Akihabara station.
All ticket revenues (excluding venue rent fee and printing flyers) will be contributed to this cause. krystalcube will perform with Caramel.

Apr. 14 (Sun). @ Shimokitazawa BREATH, evening
   krystalcube's "spring is here"

Apr. 16 (Tues).@ Ginza TACT, evening
   Adult's contemporary music Vol. 2
Some jazzy music in a classy venue at Ginza

Hope to see you there soon!  Til then please take care.

Blessings to u, krystalcube

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!
I hope this posting finds you well.

Apologies - I have been so bad at updating since last October end... can you believe that?
Since then I've probably done more than 5 or 6 gigs and ended my year at Roppongi's Brave Bar.

Last year was a very challenging one for me.
Never in my life have I done something that I never dreamed of doing...I still feel "out of place" but we shall see how things unfold.   Keeping oneself motivated about something one's totally uninterested in is certainly not easy.  Plus the cold weather and little sunshine don't help either.

Stay positive and it will come!

Today was my first gig at Harajuku's famous organic food restaurant, macrobiotics  MOMINOKIHOUSE.  Check it out in Lonely Planet or Google it.  World renowned musicians such as Stevie Wonder, John Lennon and Paul McCartney have been here as well.  Great atmosphere and good food!

I was fortunate to participate in singer song writer Tomorrow's event at this venue.

*something new
*unconditional Love
mantra for protection
One Day in Your Life
*believin' yourself
*marked are originals

Group photo of all performers

We had a very good audience, attentive and forthcoming.  Guests from Norway were there too!
What a wonderful event the first gig of 2013 turned out to be.

The next one will be held at Roppongi's Brave Bar on Jan. 22 (Tues) 8:10pm.

Thank you all and blessings to you, krystalcube