Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hello from hot and humid Tokyo!

How are things coming along with you?

Many of you told me that you have trouble finding me on YouTube - perhaps because I have very few I've decided to share the link below.  Please paste the link in your browser or simply click here
This is an excerpt from one of my gigs broadcasted on a local TV music show in June.

Cheers, krystalcube

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer, summer !

This is midsummer in Tokyo - hot, humid and ....?
The London Olympics keeps us all awake at night and we're a bit sleepy in this part of the world.
July 2, 2012@Shibuya TAKE OFF 7 

Apologies - I haven't updated for so long... well I've done 5 gigs, small and
medium in July and just finished the first one in August last night.

I've recently collaborated with two wonderful artists:

*July 19 @Roppongi Brave Bar with SkyJay
Sky Jay and krystalcube did two cover songs, "You are Lady, I'm a Man" (J Pop) and "Endless Love"  accompanied by Sky Jay's piano.

SkyJay is a multi talented musician, also acts, produces music and film.  Also a great DJ.  I'm not quite sure how he manages to do all of this but he surely has a wonderful voice.

*Aug 5 @ Roppongi Brave Bar with Oboro
Oboro and krystalcube did two songs together, "Part of Your World" from Disney's film "The Little Mermaid" and Cyndi Lauper's "Time after Time".  The audience especially loved the musical touch we both did - Oboro is an actress with great singing skills - no wonder!

For the rest of summer, I plan to focus on music production and summer classical concerts.  By fall, I should have a brand new set of songs to present.

krystalcube loves all genre of music - thinking of writing different styles... let me know which one you like when I finish!

Scheduled Gigs

Sep. 10 (Mon) 8:30pm @ Shibuya TAKE OFF 7
krystalcube essence
Delivering the "best" of krystalcube along with new songs

Sep. 27 (Thurs) 8:50pm @ Roppongi Brave Bar
krystalcube in autumn
Originals + chanson + something jazzy... exciting!

Oct. 27 (Sat) 5:40pm @ Shimokitazawa VOICE FACTORY
Another Kingdom event
Planning to do an exquisite selection of originals and covers

Enjoy your summer and blessings to you.

love u all, krystalcube