Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Opening" the blog

Hello...this is krystalcube, lover of music.

Primarily in pops with some flavor of R&B, rock and healing music. How does that all fit in? Gooood..question. Like the six dimensions of a cube, somehow they fit in quite nicely...

I'm working on my first mini CD album titled "Opening".
Prior to completion, I've decided to "open" this blog too.

As a primer, please visit the following website and you'll be able to download my song for free.
If you like the song, please feel freeto forward to your friends and families.


You'll see my picture and just scroll down until you see the letters DOWNLOAD
to your left. Doubleclick and there you go. Right click and it can be downloaded
to your ipod quite easily in a mp3 file.

Any feedback would be heartily welcomed!


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