Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alas...finally all songs COMPLETED

Happy to inform you that all songs have been recorded ...yes, quite well.
The artwork for the CD jacket is now in its final drafting stages...and
they go out for printing and pressing in the next few days.

The CD album's title is "Opening" to be available on sale
primarily online as well as some physical distribution.
Exact sales date is still to be confirmed.

With the world's financial crisis since 2008, I have always come to think
that we are more intertwined than we think. We really need to learn how to
collaborate more, where possible, to make this world a more accomodating
place. Global warming, economic crisis, we are not alone anymore and we
can't be in our own silos....hence... "opening".

Album's concept is uplifting and healing with an underlying theme of love.
Can't wait to let you know it's available for preview....

Meanwhile thinking of increasing performances.... singing performances.
Planning a HALLOWEEN LIVE on Oct. 31, Sat.
Ciao, krystalcube

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