Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello December

Well, well only a few more weeks to 2010!
This year was a hectic one for me.
Foremost, I am grateful that I was able to meet with each and everyone of you through music.
New friends, reconnecting with friends and much more.

For the rest of Dec., I will be doing a few more gigs in Tokyo.

Dec. 9 : Sala Company: going to one of my favorite artist's performance; they've kindly requested me to sing there as well!

Dec. 24: "Blue Christmas": krystalcube to sing in Akasaka LiveCafe SaLa consisting of originals and cover songs with Caramel (her guitar) ; special feature is that this gig only accepts "sad" songs, heartbreaking, lonely songs....hence, "blue christmas"

Dec. 29: More originals to be sung in Roppongi Brave Bar; probably my last gig for 2009. Must be a memorable and a special one.

It would be great if I can do more gigs in 2010, and possibly a few in CA, NY or elsewhere!

Cheers, krystalcube

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