Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Gigs

Time passes so quickly... cherry blossoms have finally started to bloom in Tokyo yesterday, about 5 days late than an average year.

Today, I've written a song called "Snowflakes in April"... strange title perhaps but in the North it happens, I hear. Perhaps, I may do this in my later gigs in April.

Spring is almost here...and gigs scheduled for April are:

April 3 (Tues) 19:10 @ Roppongi Brave Bar
One of krystalcube's regular and favorite venue.
Planning to do krystalcube's spring collection,
consisting of covers and originals.

April 23 (Mon) 17:30 @ Shibuya TAKEOFF 7
krystalcube collection 4: rebirth
Great acoustics live club in the heart of Shibuya.
This gig will be filmed for a June TV broadcast
so starting a bit early than usual. Original songs
scheduled to be performed.

And for some fun, sharing some photos from my

gigs in March... the one in the center bottom is from Mar 18, with funky acoustic guitarist KAZU Saito. In krystalcube's arm is "Kametaro", the turtle stuffed animal that the audience likes. To the very right, krystalcube performs at Shinjuku's Head Power singing "Freedom" on Mar 19. At the very top of the post, krystalcube singing with Caramel, her guitar.

love u all, krystalcube

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