Sunday, November 3, 2013

More gigs and Music

Yes, yes... already November and only two more months left of 2013.
Time flies.
Hope this posting finds you well and all prepared for the coming holiday season.

In Tokyo, we're finally feeling autumn.  Leaves changing color, temperatures dropping and air drier.  krystalcube continues to do more gigs probably 5 or 6 for the remainder of the year.  Details will be presented below.

Lately, I have been more immersed into music production of my next album.  Home recording of different instruments is quite challenging with limited gears but am trying. 

Scheduled gigs:

Nov 7. (Thurs) @Ginza TACT 8:20 pm
   with acoustic guitarist KAZU Saito.
  Adult Music Networking Event
Nov. 29 (Fri)@Roppongi Brave Bar 9:30 pm
Chinjyu Oasis presented by Another Kingdom
  krystalcube's seasons' selection

Nov. 30 (Sat)@Sengawa Putir Studio 7:40 pm
 Acoustic Soul Night Vol 20 at Kazu Saito's studio

Dec. 17 (Fri)@Shimokitazawa BREATH

Hope to see you at one of the gigs.  Will update before Christmas to tell you what's on my mind.

blessings to u, krystalcube 

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